Here at Wren & Wilson we are passionate about being kind to the planet and having the least negative impact on it as possible.

This is why every decision we make here is thought through with the planet in mind.


Running my own business means I have a responsibility and the power to make a difference and I take that very seriously. Here are some of the things we do here to make sure we are not harming the planet...

Our packaging is completely plastic free! (Apart from our eco-friendly green, recyclable bubble wrap we use for mugs to stop them from smashing!) Your order will be shipped in either a cardboard envelope or postal box, both of which are made from recycled material and are fully recyclable, we also use eco-friendly paper, parcel tape to seal them, which is recyclable and biodegradable.

If you are ordering a print, or stickers that come in a clear bag, these are fully biodegradable and are made from corn starch, not plastic.

All the shipping materials we send to you are recyclable and we encourage you to re-use them or recycle them one you receive it.

On top of the fact that all of our packaging is recyclable it also looks super cute! That's because we make an effort to make sure your parcel looks exciting and is a joy to receive :)


We have done lots and lots of research to bring you the absolute best quality t-shirts which are also kind to the planet, and flipping heck, we have found them!! Yasss!!

They are made from certified organic cotton, printed with animal friendly ink, they are made in a factory powered by renewable wind energy AND they are packaged in recycled and recyclable paper. Not only are the Eco-friendly specs SO GOOD, the quality and feel of the shirts are AMAZING!!! They are so soft and comfy and the print is bold and bright.

We are beyond happy with them and can't wait for you to see!

Check them out here: