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Oh hi! My name is Jen and I am the human behind Wren & Wilson, pleased to meet you :)

I am inspired by pop culture (specifically TV and movies), nature and cute animals (dogs and cats!). I start every design by drawing in my sketch book and then develop the idea until an awesome, tangible thing appears out of it, such as cute enamel pins, beautiful jewellery pieces or art prints. I aim to create fun and exciting pieces that fill your heart and eyes with joy!

The Environment

Being environmentally friendly is extremely important to me and it is the forefront concern when making decisions for Wren & Wilson. Any new product or packaging materials are always researched to find the most eco-friendly option, from using recyclable packaging, biodegradable clear sleeves and using FSC certified wood. I also wear many jumpers and big slippers so I’m not using up heating energy!

But what about the acrylic jewellery pieces?

After years of only creating wooden jewellery I took the decision to make my Christmas collection in acrylic; this was a decision that was not taken lightly. I know that creating acrylic jewellery is adding extra plastic to the planet and this is something that I was uncomfortable with, however after weighing up the options I felt it was okay to go ahead. These jewellery pieces are special pieces that won’t be thrown away, all cut offs from the laser process are recycled and any negative cut out spaces are upcycled by another small business who puts them in her resin crochet hooks! So there is no waste :)

Where did the name Wren & Wilson come from?

'The Wren part comes from my grandparents; they called me Jenny Wren as I was growing up so I have always had a soft spot for the name. The Wilson part comes from my cat Wilson - who was named after the volleyball from Castaway - she was a girl but suited the name very well.

I loved the way the names Wren and Wilson sounded together and thought they worked perfectly for my business as a lot of my early designs featured birds (Wren) and cats (Wilson). I also like the fact that my business name reminds me of people (and cat) that I love and makes it feel personal and warm.

Jen's grandparents Dorothy and Jim.

Jen on an adventure in Japan.

Wilson the cat

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