Get one of our fully customisable, personalised portraits for your small business; the perfect way to show the world the awesome human running the show :) 

I will hand draw you in my unique style using my digital drawing pad, creating a colourful and crisp image perfect for all digital uses.

The portrait includes:

- You + one small animal or inanimate object (e.g a sewing machine, bunch of flowers, a cake etc.) with you interacting with that object.

- Banner with hand written words

- Any colour and shape background.

- *Permission to use on business cards, website, profile picture and social media.


I offer a fully personalised service and we can discuss your requirements and preferences to make your perfect portrait!


*This portrait can be used on all your business channels (business cards, website, profile picture, social media etc.) but cannot be used as your logo or be used on any products you wish to sell.


Please purchase the add on if you would like to use the portrait as your business logo.


If you would like to use the portrait image on products to sell or distribute, please purchase the liscence agreement. The liscence is for a 2 year exclusive use. It does not buy you the copyright.


Artwork remains the copyright of the artist.

For Small Businesses - Custom Illustration Portrait - Digital File.